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Exclusive importer




– Connection terminals for lighting
– Connection terminals for wiring
– Network connection terminals
– Clogs and pre-insulated slippers
– Terminal blocks
– Anchoring clamps for overhead electrical cables
– Suspension and extension assemblies for overhead electrical cables
– Ground connection terminals
– Underground connection boxes
– Dynamometers
– Flexible cable caps
– Heat shrinkable tubes
– Insulated feathers for twisted cables
– Isolated work tools
– Shorting and grounding equipment
– Hydraulic presses
– Air connection boxes
– Disconnectors with fuses
– Connection terminals with fuses
– Fiberglass measuring panels and blocks


– Fuses
– Intensity limiters
– Electronic load limiters
– Modules for photovoltaic energy management


– Distribution boards for the media
– Amplifiers, distributors, filters
– Electrical indoor panels
– Circuit breakers, auxiliary contacts, ringers and modular plugs
– Surge arresters
– Mobile power units
– Panels for photovoltaic panels
– Counter reading systems