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Power distribution equipment:
– Air circuit breakers, DMX3, from 800A to 6300A
– Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, DPX3, from 16A to 1600A
Power isolating equipment:
– Visible isolation
Ø  DPX-IS from 63 to 1600 A
Ø  Vistop from 32 to 160 A
– with release
Ø  DMX3-I from 800 to 6300 A
Ø  DPX3-I from 125 to 1600 A
Ø  DPX-IS from 250 to 1600 A
– DCX-M changeover switches
– Fuse carriers
– Cam switches
Power control equipment:
– Motor protection circuit breakers, MPX3, up to 100A
– 3-pole Industrial contactors, CTX3, from 9A to 800A
– 4-pole Industrial contactors, CTX3, from 40 to 900A
– Thermal overload relays, RTX3
Control and signaling devices, transformers and power supplies:
– Control transformers, equipment transformers
– Power supplies
– Control and signaling units, Osmoz
– Terminal blocks, Viking3
Industrial plugs and sockets, combined units, P17, HYPRA
Cabling components and marking systems:
– Lina25 cable ducting
– Colring cable ties
– Nybloc connection terminals, Starfix ferrules
– CAB3, MEMOCAB, DUPLIX marking systems
– Cable glands
– RTA conduit systems
Protection, distribution, control and signaling DIN rail equipment:
– modular circuit breakers RX3, TX3, DX3
– isolating switches, DX3-IS
– push buttons, indicators, changeover switches, CX3
– latching relays, time-lag switches, relays
– contactors, programmable time switches, light sensitive switches
– DIN rail socket outlets
– Power supplies
Enclosures and accessories:
– Nedbox, surface mounting cabinets
– Practibox, Practibox3, flush-mounting cabinets
– Practibox S, surface and flush-mounting cabinets
– Plexo3, waterproof surface mounting cabinets
– Ready to use distribution cabinets, XL3 160, XL3-S 160
– Self-assembly cabinets and enclosures, XL3 400, XL3 800, XL3 4000, XL3-S 630, XL3-S 4000
– waterproof cabinets – inox, metal, plastic
– industrial application cabinets and enclosures, Atlantic – metal and inox, Marina – polyester
Connection accessories:
– distribution blocks
– supply busbars
Wiring devices:
– Celiane
– Valena Life
– Valena Allure
– Niloe
– Cariva
– Forix IP21
– Kaptika
Residential Systems:
– Video kits
– Audio kits
– Wireless bells
Wiring devices with International Protection Marking:
– Forix IP44
– Plexo ip55
– Plexo IP66
Boxes for:
– Multi-material Batibox
– Masonry Batibox
– Concrete walls Batibox
– Dry partitions Batibox
– Surface-mounting IP55 Plexo
Connections accessories and bulkhead lights for residential systems:
– Multi outlet extensions
– Plugs, sockets, adaptors Helium
– Cord switches
– Programmable sockets
– IP44/54/55 Weatherproof and tough environments bulkhead lights
– Fluorescent inspection lamps
– Cable reels
Equipment for commercial spaces:
– DLP Cable management solutions – PVC and aluminium trunking systems
– Over floor trunking and floor boxes
– Columns and mini-columns
– Multi-outlet extensions for meeting rooms and offices
– Mosaic wiring accessories & healthcare buildings
For individual workspaces
For common workspaces
For passageways
For reception areas
For medical facilities
For image spaces
– Lighting management
Emergency lighting luminaires:
– LVS2 addressable & monitoring system
– U21, U34 & S8 Indoor emergency lighting luminaires
– B65 weatherproof emergency lighting luminaires