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Protective devices

– Disconnectors

– Differential protection circuit breakers (RCCB)

– Differential protection circuit-breakers with AC-DC sensitivity

– Differential protection circuit breakers – Accessories

– RCCB / MCBs combined circuit breakers

– Accessories for RCCB / MCBs combined circuit breakers

– Control devices for residual current

– RCM monitoring devices

– Current transformers

Electrical Installations

– Switches / Load separators

– Light control devices

– SI systems

– Compensation sources, Load relays, Load monitors

– Twilight switches

– Automated scale / Time Relays

– Relays for remote control

– Electronic control devices

– General and control switches

– Contact

– RK type ringer transformers

– RDS type picture sockets

Dupline control system

FIS access control systems

Other products

– Manometers

– Level probes

– Measuring tools and accessories

– Programming watches Type UNO / Data Micro

– Connectors